We offer a variety of leading orthodontic treatment options for children and adults.

Though patients tend to associate braces with negative feelings, modern technology has made braces more wearable, less noticeable and more comfortable for orthodontic patients.

We have a range of braces options for our patients and will customize a patient's orthodontic treatment program to achieve the maximum aesthetic results with minimum time in braces.

Orthodontic treatment is important in more ways than just for having a pretty smile.  Teeth that are crowded and crooked are difficult to brush and floss, which leads to a higher incidence of tooth decay and cavities over the course of a lifetime.  Additionally, orthodontic treatment helps align the surfaces of a patient's teeth so they can enjoy normal wear over tooth surfaces, something that is not possible with crooked teeth.

Other health benefits of orthodontic treatment include elimination of chronic headaches, face and neck pains as well as jaw problems and excessive stress on gum tissues that can result from misaligned teeth and jawbones.